Bartleby Rickenbocker

Half-Orc ranger member of the Peace Patrol. Betrayed his companions and left to hunt Glock.


A half-orc whose relaxed demeanor belies his extreme strength and prowess with a bow. He has a rippling green cloak and stiff leather armor.


A very chill half-orc ranger from the Peace Patrol. Along with Merish Taim and Dekan Elak, ordered by Glock Rari to escort the party to the Peace Patrol Headquarters on the Great Skybridge between Ha’anu and Ja’anu. Once at the HQ, the party was to inform the Commandant of the Peace Patrol about the events with Trap Kveen, including the letter from the shadow organization, and the runes and glyphs seen in the “bone room”.

Bartleby was a relaxed half-orc, serving to defuse tensions brought about by Merish’s harsh demeanor.

Bartleby and other footsoldiers betrayed their companions, fatally stabbing both Merish and Dekan, and revealing himself to be an agent of the unknown organization. After a fierce battle with the party, he fled into the woods, letting slip that he would be hunting Glock Rari.

Bartleby Rickenbocker

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