Dekan Elak

A human soldier of the Peace Patrol escorting the party to the HQ. Betrayed by Bartleby.


A young human soldier. He wore new armor and was excited to be on his first mission.


Along with Merish Taim and Bartleby Rickenbocker, Dekan was ordered by Glock Rari to escort the party to the Peace Patrol Headquarters on the Great Skybridge between Ha’anu and Ja’anu. Once at the HQ, the party was to inform the Commandant of the Peace Patrol about the events with Trap Kveen, including the letter from the shadow organization, and the runes and glyphs seen in the “bone room”.

Dekan was the highest ranking footsoldier escorting the party. He was very young, and excited to be on his first mission.

He was betrayed by Bartleby and the footsoldiers and stabbed in his sleep. With his dying breath, he urged the party to return and warn Glock about the unknown order.

Dekan Elak

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