Merish Taim

Gruff, prejudiced Human officer of the Peace Patrol. Betrayed by Bartleby Rickenbocker


Elderly human. Wore shiny armor from the Peace Patrol. Carried a large sword. Biased against dark elves and drow.


An older human officer of the Peace Patrol. Ordered by Glock Rari to escort the party to the Peace Patrol Headquarters on the Great Skybridge between Ha’anu and Ja’anu. Once at the HQ, the party was to inform the Commandant of the Peace Patrol about the events with Trap Kveen, including the letter from the shadow organization, and the runes and glyphs seen in the “bone room”.

Merish was openly bigoted about various members of the party. He was wary of both Oath and Tief in particular. However, as the journey continued, he begrudgingly grew to respect them, and revealed that he cared about saving the land above all else. He also revealed that he is motivated by protecting his wife and family.

He was betrayed by Bartleby Rickenbocker. With his dying breath, he urged the party to push forward and warn the Commandant about the shadow organization taking over the Peace Patrol.

After his death, Oath vowed to return his body to his wife.

Merish Taim

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