Pentagon Ventrix

Halfling scientist, kidnapped and killed by Trap Kveen and the unknown organization.


An elderly halfling. A bit portly. His voice and demeanor remain unknown, as he was found bound and gagged, and was immediately killed.


Pentagon Ventrix was a high-ranking scientist for the Allied Aerolith Scientific Society (AASS). The AASS was a joint venture by Ha’anu and Ja’anu created in the wake of the civil war as a display of unification. The organization involved scientists, alchemists, and wizards from both continents.

Pentagon Ventrix was the most visible and respected scientist from Ha’anu. He was kidnapped by Trap Kveen, and possibly others from an unknown organization. He was killed in an attempt to anger Ha’anu officials and upset the fragile peace between them.

Pentagon Ventrix

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