Tag: Bandit


  • Delilah Mountsback

    Delilah invites the party to play a drinking game. Turns out she's the leader of "Delilah's Dandies", a group of bandits that have been terrorizing the surrounding lands for quite some time. During the barfight, she is deftly eliminated by Beorn.

  • Edwardiel Blinmaven

    Edwardiel is actually a cutthroat bandit. He's a member of Delilah's Dandies. During the barfight, he's captured by the party (Shamaash uses a clutch Cloud of Daggers) and turned over to the authorities.

  • Mamen Cheshire

    He was a member of Delilah's Dandies, and a malicious one at that. He attempted to escape during the barfight, but failed his dex check and fell into a pile of burning rubble. Then the inn collapsed on him. He's dead.