Tag: Merchant


  • Alonso

    Alonso runs "Alonso and Sons Delivery Service," the #1 delivery service in all of Ja'anu. It's unknown how many of the employees are actually his sons, but most of them appeared to be pretty strong dudes. Oath attempted to bluff Alonso in order to get …

  • Crunch Blackmaw

    Crunch offers to help the party fix their wagon. While they find the money to pay him, he prepares a new rim for their wagon. Works with his assistant, September Westerberg.

  • Bodyknock Durgle

    Bodyknock Durgle runs The Hog's Snout, where the party goes in search of gold to pay for the repairs to their wagon. During the bar fight, Bodyknock works to move all the patrons out of the tavern. Afterwards, his tavern is burned down, but he seems okay …