Tag: Pigston


  • Zadie Klosterman

    Zadie, a farmer from Pigston, advises the party to head to Pigston to find a mechanic that will repair their broken wagon. She seems pretty nice. She tells the party that everyone in Pigston is nice.

  • Crunch Blackmaw

    Crunch offers to help the party fix their wagon. While they find the money to pay him, he prepares a new rim for their wagon. Works with his assistant, September Westerberg.

  • Bodyknock Durgle

    Bodyknock Durgle runs The Hog's Snout, where the party goes in search of gold to pay for the repairs to their wagon. During the bar fight, Bodyknock works to move all the patrons out of the tavern. Afterwards, his tavern is burned down, but he seems okay …

  • Delilah Mountsback

    Delilah invites the party to play a drinking game. Turns out she's the leader of "Delilah's Dandies", a group of bandits that have been terrorizing the surrounding lands for quite some time. During the barfight, she is deftly eliminated by Beorn.

  • Edwardiel Blinmaven

    Edwardiel is actually a cutthroat bandit. He's a member of Delilah's Dandies. During the barfight, he's captured by the party (Shamaash uses a clutch Cloud of Daggers) and turned over to the authorities.

  • Mamen Cheshire

    He was a member of Delilah's Dandies, and a malicious one at that. He attempted to escape during the barfight, but failed his dex check and fell into a pile of burning rubble. Then the inn collapsed on him. He's dead.