Magic Items - Ja'anu Campaign

Cloud Diver’s Chestpiece
Description: A chestpiece used by airship sailors to safely navigate the skies. Made from floating ore, it prevents sailors from falling to their death.

- AC = 13 +Dex Mod
- The wearer falls at a slowed rate, and will never take falling damage
- Long jump ability: doubles
- High jump ability: 6 + strength modifier
- Disadvantage on acrobatics checks
- Disadvantage on stealth checks

Anchor Harpoon
Description: A spear used by skyship navigators and miners. The harpoon is a large brass spear with a barbed hook. Additionally, they come with a “control bracelet” which allows the user to recall the harpoon when necessary. The harpoons are used to anchor skyships, drag large aeroliths and floating rocks, and to hunt, among other uses.

+1 to hit when thrown, +1 to damage
- Whoever wears the bracelet can recall the harpoon at any time
- Harpoon can stick in most nonmagical surfaces
- Harpoon can drag up to 100 pounds

Shelled Nabbler
Description: A small, carnivorous lizard with a hard shell, 6 legs, and a mouth of razor mouth teeth that opens on its belly. Found in the desert, they burrow in the sand and spring out to surprise their prey. They are incredibly friendly and obedient dispite their fearsome appearance.

- Ranged weapon
- Each round to see if it hits: Base attack +4 each round
- 1d4 damage each round
- Say “good boy!” to recall the Nabbler

Wonderwing Tincture
Description: A shimmering liquid that shifts color depending on how the light hits it. It is contained in a delicate, crystaline vial with a stopper made of dragon scale. DO NOT DRINK IT!!!

- With one sniff, the user is ennervated with bountiful energy and power. The user flies off the ground for 4 rounds.

Whisper Swallow
Description: A hummingbird-like creature with a funnel shaped head. A most mystical creature, Whisper Swallows eat sound waves. It resides mostly in the coastal forests near the Forever Falls. It bonds with an owner, and refuses to obey any other master.

Upon release, it buzzes around its bonded owner, devouring all sound that escapes them
- No sound escapes a 5 feet radius of the user. No one outside the range can hear anything from within the radius of the Whisper Swallow
- Makes the user more visible – a strange bird is darting around you, after all.

Wax Roach
Description: A small centipede that crawls within the ear canal of a host creature. Each Wax Roach has over 100 spindly legs, and a bright red body. There it resides, consuming language and defecating a completely understandable language into the ear of the user.

- Allows the user to hear and understand all languages

Double-Headed Snake Brooch
Description: a pewter brooch that looks worn and ancient. It resembles two snakes entwining around the neck of the user, with emeralds for eyes. Each snake bites the neck of the other to form the clasp of the brooch.

- Once a day, you may offer the brooch a secret. It must be one you have never shared before. If you do so, the brooch allows you to cast one spell for a second time per day.

Magic Items - Ja'anu Campaign

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