The Initiates' Trials - Act I

The Dawn has Come

We open at dawn below the cliff of a plateau at a makeshift stage which has drawn a crowd from the nearby city. The city’s Major steps up to the podium and addresses the crowd, introducing the four heroes standing behind him.

First to step forward is a Halfling with his mastiff riding dog. What he lacks in stature he more than makes up for in dignity and self-confidence. By the time he finishes his titles, no-one in the audience can even remember his name, but he, or perhaps Artichoke his dog, has never-the-less capture their attention.

Next, a tattooed human bounces forward dressed in the garb of a monastery too far away for anyone in the audience to recognize. He is clearly curious of the Halfling, but calmly introduces himself as Mata as he shifts his weight between each foot.

A WR unit is the next to identified itself as WR3KT. It’s unclear if it’s slim metallic frame is controlled more by magic or mechanics, but it’s fluidity of movement makes it clear it’s creator was a master.

The final hero bashfully steps forward and introduces herself as Raya. She carries her towering frame with an uncommon regalness, holds her hand atop the hilt of a longsword that’s scabbard almost reaches the ground, and speaks with integrity that betrays her intimidating size.

A sense of Deja-vu sweeps through every member of the crowd just as a fifth hero steps forward. The boy, hardly able to be called a young man, timidly introduces himself to the crowd as Edvin. His youth frightens several mother’s in the crowd, while their children look on him with awe.

The major thanks the heroes for accepting his challenge to make it through the Initiates’ Trails on the 100th anniversary of the college being shutdown. With the reasons for it’s closure have forgotten, the Major hopes it’s re-opening may lead to improved tourism and trading in the city. He leads the motley crew off stage to the base of the cliff where a large door opens with the approach of the group. Behind the doors, the tunnel is pitch black and little can be seen besides the first few stones. Unwavering the five heroes, less the mastiff, enter the Halls of Trials.

The Initiates' Trials - Act I

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