The Initiates' Trials - Act II

Walk softly, and carry a big stick

Before the adventurers is a hall, mostly lit in torchlight and paved with stones large enough to accommodate two moderately sized humanoids and ends at a door in the far wall. After gathering their bearings, the Halfling, Ezward strides forward over several stones until his face smashes into an invisible barrier. He is immediately reminded of one of his previous adventures that had such invisible walls and quickly tells the party about it. The rest of the party proceed through the hall, careful to check for unseen walls as they go. Weaving through the imperceivable labyrinth, Raya steps on a stone that shifts slightly under her weight as three darts shoot out from the wall horizontal to her. She is able to dodge two of the darts, but is struck by the third. Though not highly painful, it was not a pleasant experience and the party now test each stone before they stand on it by attacking it with their weapons and following each others moves.

Suddenly, while attempting to preemptively set off a dart trap, Ezward triggers a square that releases what appears to be highly pressured steam from the seams on all for sides. Coupled with the fact that no darts appeared, the group is weary of what this could mean, and they find out moments later when they are attacked by their own shadow! During the fight, WR3KT accidentally steps on another square that releases a second shadow figure. Working together the group is able to handle the two enemies, but not before a couple members have some health drained by the shadows.

The group makes it to the end of the hall only to realize that the door on this end is now well up the side of the way. The team works together to boost one of themselves up just enough to get ahold of the floor at the bottom of the door and then climb up to the doorknob and open it. They lift, throw, and pull each other up and into the next room of the Trials.

The Initiates' Trials - Act II

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