The Initiates' Trials - Act III

Stop and Smell the Roses

The room our adventurers now find themselves in a room much smaller than the previous hall. This circular room centers around a large circular fountain topped with a rose bush in full bloom. As the group gathers themselves at the doorway, Raya makes her way to inspect the fountain.

On approach, runes along the fountain’s ledge briefly light up and become legible in each adventurer’s native script. The runes read as “20 18 16 14 12 PETALS 0F THE R0SE 10 8 6 4 2”. As the group stares into the water, five blocks rise from the depths and break the water’s surface. The blocks have a number of pips on them [] laid out very similarly to those of common six-sided playing dice.

Ezward climbs in to the fountain to pluck a hand-full of petals from the rosebush. The group places petals on the pips, throws a number of them equal to the could of all the pips into the water, and tries placing 18 petals on the “18” rune. When the petals are pressed against the 18 rune, it briefly light’s up blue before dimming as the 26 lights up red. Then the blocks that have been floating in fountain’s pool sink and are replaced by five blocks with a new set of pips [].

Every couple minutes or after an incorrect input, the process of the blocks sinking and rising anew repeats. The party racks their brains as they try to find the seemingly random pattern of what input the fountain is looking for and how it pertains to the blocks and pips. They try using the sum of the pips, the number of doubles, the number of pips on the doubles, hitting multiple inputs at once, not doing anything, messing with the rose bush, their birthdays, hitting inputs at random, and just about anything else.

Randomly, the group happens across a correct input. When this happens the input flashes green instead of blue and the grated doorway opens. The next room is identical to the first in just about every way. Including the party being stumped by the blocks rising from the fountains’ depths. They begin taking notes on any scrap of paper they can find in their belongings. Again, they fail to correctly come across the solution to this brain bender, but instead randomly get the correct input which yields the same result as previously.

Entering the third fountain room, the only distinguishing thing is a parchment and quill next to a dropbox next to a solid door instead of a grated one. Having exhausted most of their mental stamina, they brute force the puzzle and again happen upon a random correct answer. Most of the group, hopeful to be done with the fountain, quickly moves over to the parchment and dropbox. The parchment prompts them for the answer to the riddle of the Petals of the Rose, to which they hastily reply “I don’t know”. However, Raya stays behind staring into the pool, with the feeling that the answer is just out of minds reach. She gives the puzzle one last shot, not willing to be bested by a fountain. The set of pips reads [], and Raya enters XX, the number of pips that encircle a center pip (2 for each three block, 4 for each five block).

The rune flashes green, meaning she has found the answer. A smile creeps across her face, relieving the scowl that’s been plastered there since first encountering these fountains. He catches up with the rest of the group, explains how to get the correct answer. Each of them are impressed by her deduction and ashamed they took her as a dense brute. During their applause of Raya’s triumph, a small creature sluggishly vacates the rose bush and follows the party through the now open doorway.

The Initiates' Trials - Act III

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