Tails of Coelumar

Return to Old Kazolin

Finding Glock Rari

The party enters an inn. The sun shines, but the smudges and dust on the window don’t seem to let much light through. As he passes the community bulletin board, Nero looks up, wipes his eyes, and lets out a cry. He grabs the sleeve of Shamaash, and pulls the rest of the party over to him.

Up on the board a poster looms large, the thumbtacks gleaming despite the lack of light. “PUBLIC EXECUTION” it states in large letters. “FOR THE CRIME OF ASSASSINATION OF THE MAYOR OF OLD KAZOLIN”


“DEATH TO TRAITORS” it adds as an afterthought.

The party stares at the execution notice. And on the poster, frozen in a look of despair, the face of Glock Rari stares back.

Crabtree stumbles away. “We need to get out of here. I knew we shouldn’t trust her. We need to get out of here. Tell the Prime Minister about the Peace Patrol, let the government handle this. We’re in over our heads.”

“No!” Nero says. “We need to rescue her. I know Glock.” His voice rises. “She must be falsely imprisoned. She would never assassinate the mayor. This has to be a plot by whatever organization has overthrown the Peace Patrol.”

Bjoern clears his throat and steps between the two. “We don’t know whether or not to trust her. Here’s what we do know: Someone has overthrown the Peace Patrol from the inside. Without the Peace Patrol, there’s been a rash of assassinations, bombings, and terrorist attacks. Each continent blames the other. The two continents are preparing for civil war. Glock has been imprisoned.” He pauses. “That’s what we know.”

“It would appear that someone is trying to incite the two continents to go to war,” says Jethroe. “Death, destruction… Obviously, I think we should stop this, but that’s just me.” He looks at his companions.

“Regardless of what side Glock’s on, she’ll most likely be able to give us more information,” says Oath. “We need to rescue her. Tief, you’ve spent the most time in Old Kazolin. Do you know where the prisons are?”

“I never let them take me to prison,” Tief says, and smiles.

“If she’s this valuable of a prisoner, she’s most likely heavily guarded,” Nero says. “She may be at a Peace Patrol prison, she may be jailed somewhere in the city. It’s impossible to know.”

“Alright, as the leader of this fine organization, I say we go to the public execution and rescue Glock from there,” says Shamaash. “It’ll be difficult and dangerous, but it’s the only way.”

“You’re not the leader. But I agree – we’ve got to save her from the execution,” says Tief.

“Well, I’m probably the leader, and also, thank you” says Shamaash.

“I would rather leave than have you be the leader.”

“Well -”

“Enough!” says Bjoern. “The full moon is tonight. We’ve got about 8 hours. I say we rescue Glock from the execution, find out what she knows, and prevent this civil war. Also, Shamaash is not the leader.”

Nero cuts off Shamaash’s indignant cries. “Good idea, Bjoern.”

“That was my idea!” says Shamaash.

Crabtree speaks up. “We’ll probably need a quick way out of the city if we’re stealing a convicted assassin from her own execution.”

“We can split up and make preparations in the city,” says Nero. “Gather supplies, look for an exit strategy, talk to any old friends. I’ll go out to the square and get a lay of the land.”

“Let’s meet back up here an hour before sundown,” says Jethroe. “We can make a plan and go from there.”

The group nods at one another, and then head toward the door. As they exit, the sun beats down on them. It’s almost midday.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – -

1. You have roughly 8 hours before you reconvene at the Inn.
2. You can do whatever you’d like during that time. Buy supplies, steal things, reach out to old friends.
3. Let me (Sam, the DM) know what you plan on doing. We’ll have a sort of mini DnD session to determine the outcome of what you try to do.
4. You do not have to share what you do with the group.


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